The OILI wearable has a chip that you connect to your payment card. Instead of using your physical payment card, all you need is the OILI wearable. All your purchases will be registered on your account as usual. In case you would lose your OILI wearable, you only need to block the strap and not the card itself - making it even safer to pay with!

1. Make sure that you have a card that can be connected to Fidesmo Pay here.
2. Choose your preferred wearable.
3. Place it in your cart and proceed to checkout.
4. Before you pay at the checkout, connect your wearable to your card at the "Connect Fidesmo Pay".
5. Checkout and wait for your order to be delivered.
6. Open your package and scan the QR code with your phone's camera.
7. Follow the instructions from the QR code. 
8. Now you are ready to go! Yay! 

If you would like to activate, pause, reactivate or cancel the connected card, you can handle all that through the Fidesmo app "Fidesmo". Using the Fidesmo Android app, you can also connect a payment card (not supported in the Fidesmo iPhone app).

With your OILI wearable you can be free of wallets and phones since you have the payment solution Fidesmo Pay in your strap. You can be out and about and still be able to pay for your coffee, your groceries, or your new shoes with your strap. How cool is it to be able to pay just by putting your wrist up against the payment machine? Simple as that!

The first OILI collection - reflex limited edition presents two wearables. A pop yellow as the OILI color and a grey for a more classic look. The wearable is made of vegan leather with stainless steel strap-locking. Both colors have a grey reflex in the center with a printed pattern of OILI in repeat. 

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